Hajdúszoboszló is located in the north- eastern part of the Great Hungarian Plain, 200 kilometres east of Budapest, and 20 kilometres south-west of Debrecen.


Three regions meet one another at our town’s boundary: the Hajdú ridge from the north-north-east, Hortobágy from the north-north-west, and the Great Sárrét and Berettyó region from the south. This is a landscape “where the earth and the skies meet,” it is not a monotonous plain, not even for

travellers accustomed to romantic mountains, sine here and there the landscape is enlivened by the backwaters of the Tisza river with patches of reed, thousands of wild fowl, and inviting groves.


The surroundings are the renowned puszta, the “glorious plain”. Szoboszló lies at a height of scarcely 100-110 metres above sea level and slopes down a little towards Hortobágy. One of the natural values of the region, besides the fertile agricultural areas, the gas fields and the medicinal water, is the abundance of sunshine. The number of hours of sunshine reaches, or sometimes even exceeds, two thousand hours on an annual average. That is to say, Hajdúszoboszló is one of the sunniest regions in Hungary.


Accessibility to the spa is ideal. It is easy by rail because the town can be found on the Budapest-Debrecen-Nyíregyháza-Záhony main line.

Every fast train, six Inter-City expresses, and also two international trains stop here.
In summer there is direct connection to Lake Balaton. The timetable for railway line No. 100 gives precise information on possibilities of access.

The highway No. 4 between Budapest and Záhony, which runs through the town, interconnects many other smaller and bigger routes, ensuring good travelling conditions for those coming here by car or in other vehicles. The modern motorway No. 3 can similarly be reached quickly from here, for example in the direction of Hortobágy-Tiszafüred-Füzesabony. The long-distance bus services connect the various regions of the country with this town of “miraculous springs”.

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